Comment and analyse how chapter one

Scout provides a brief introduction to the town of Maycomb, Alabama and its inhabitants, including her widowed father Atticus Finch, attorney and state legislator; Calpurnia, their "Negro" cook and housekeeper; and various neighbors. Their attempts culminate in a dare to Jem, which he grudgingly takes. Analysis This chapter sets the tone and basis for everything else that happens in the novel. Scout depicts her world as a place of absolutes.

Comment and analyse how chapter one

Summary Analysis In the Old Anarkali in Lahore, Pakistan, a Pakistani man, Changez, approaches a muscular, well-dressed man, the Stranger, without introducing himself or giving his name.

He tries to find common ground between the Stranger and himself, but he does so by judging the Stranger based on his appearance, much as minorities in the United States are treated.

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The fact that he thinks the Stranger is uncomfortable around him, but proceeds with his questioning anyway, makes Changez seem rather sinister — his deferential attitude may not be completely sincere.

The Stranger refuses to remove his jacket and sits with his back against the wall, even though it is a hot day and his position makes him less Comment and analyse how chapter one to feel the breeze.

Comment and analyse how chapter one

When the Stranger asks him what he thought of Princeton, he replies that answering the question will require that he tell the Stranger a story. The fact that Changez asks the Stranger a question and then answers it for him suggests that he is less interested in learning about his new friend and more interested in leading, or even bullying him, around the city.

On the other hand, Changez could be eager to practice his English with an America and reminisce about his time at Princeton — no clear explanation for his behavior can be found, at least not yet. His decision to keep his jacket on and sit near a wall suggests the former and that he has a military awareness about him that indicates he might really be an agent of some sortwhile his question to Changez about Princeton suggests the latter.

Since their odds of being accepted to Princeton are considerably lower, Changez explains, the non-American students tend to be more talented than the Americans. Changez is a brilliant student and a talented soccer player, although a knee injury in his sophomore year forces him to quit the team.

He graduates from Princeton with perfect grades and excellent job prospects, of which he is well aware. On the Princeton soccer team, and at Princeton in general, his talents separate him from others instead of ingratiating him with his peers.

Even at an elite university, surrounded by students of the same age with similar interests, Changez is conscious of being an outsider, though for the time being, his outsiderness is a point of pride.

Along with a few other Princeton seniors, Changez is selected for a job interview with the company. Years after graduating from college, Changez has a broader and more cynical perspective than he does as an undergraduate. As an adult, he thinks less about his own career and more generally about the ways that America maintains its power.

Changez tells the Stranger that he can put his wallet away until the end of the meal. Changez also insists that the Stranger would find the waiter polite if he could understand Urdu. They both order tea, and Changez resumes telling his story.

Finally, the Stranger could be intimidated, as Changez thinks and as his reaching under his jacket might imply and the Stranger could have a gun under his jacket or something else entirely, like his walletor he could be calmer than Changez supposes.

Active Themes Changez is nervous for his job interview with Underwood Samson. His interviewer, Jim, is well-built — not unlike the Stranger, Changez notes — and, tells Changez to convince him to offer him a job this moment is the first time that Changez actually mentions his own name to the Stranger.

Changez lists his academic accomplishments, his skills as a soccer player and his rapid recovery from his knee injury, which do little to impress Jim. Jim asks Changez personal questions about his financial situation, but seems indifferent to other aspects of his personality — his home, his city, his culture.

As a result, his interest in Changez as a fully-formed human being is questionable.

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Jim believes that a close connection exists between himself and Changez because of their similar socioeconomic background. Active Themes Changez takes a moment to explain his financial situation to the Stranger more precisely.

His family was once rich and powerful, but its wealth has been shrinking for generations. His relatives, both male and female, work for a living, though they continue to employ servants, live in the most expensive part of Lahore, hold memberships in various elite clubs, and attend the parties and weddings of the Pakistani elite.

Around his Princeton friends, Changez adopts an air of wealth and sophistication, but like Jim, he secretly works to support himself and his family, choosing places where his classmates are unlikely to run into him.

Active Themes Changez resumes telling the Stranger about his job interview. Jim gives him a difficult problem to solve: Changez is surprised, but uses his athletic experience to calm himself, and goes to work solving the problem. His final valuation of the company is far too high; his mistake, Jim tells him, is to assume that many customers would be interested in a product that reassembles them in another part of the world.

Active Themes In spite of his mistake, Changez succeeds in gaining a job offer from Jim, since his approach to solving the problem was correct, and Underwood Samson will be able to train him to assess companies more accurately.

Young and idealistic, Changez believes that working for Underwood Samson — and, following through on the symbolism of Underwood Samson, living in the United States — will help him and his family because it will change him into a confident, perceptive man, just as it changed Jim.

Active Themes Back in Pakistan, the Stranger has finished his drink. Meanwhile, the Stranger seems to be becoming more comfortable around Changez. Retrieved October 2, Information includes the facts, data, evidence, or experiences we use to figure things out. It does not necessarily imply accuracy or correctness.

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Comment and analyse how chapter one

His natural talents in intelligence-gathering and medicine attracted the attention of Orochimaru when he was younger, who made Kabuto his. The shop was the same as they had left it, recognisable and unrecognisable items still laid out on the slanted wooden display, the grey glow still protecting and the salesgirl back in her old position.

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Chapter 5: Personal Interviews