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San Diego was in a strategic location and sought to become "the Gibraltar of the Pacific. Collier and other leaders of the Chamber of Commerce, assisted by Congressman William Kettner actively lobbied the Navy and the federal government to make San Diego a major location for naval, marine, and air bases. With the reduction in naval spending afterthe Chamber turned its focus to tourism and conventions.

Daily business report san diego

These pictures are pretty much in chronological order. Click on them for a bigger image.

Image s added on March 24, I began shooting pictures at SAN in I would ride this same airplane from Chicago-Midway to Phoenix two years later. Such a transgression was not a problem in those days. At the same gate on a cloudy day, DC-6B N, Mainliner Hawaii, was one of the few remaining United airplanes still wearing the older livery in N, Mainliner Merced, poses with the plant in which she was built visible in the background.

Note the little electric golf cart under the wing, plenty large enough for light passenger traffic. Bonanza had no dedicated gates at SAN and parked wherever one was vacant. N flew all over the world and wound up scrapped in Vietnam.

More sensitive to its center of gravity, the DC-4s usually were stabilized during passenger boarding and deplaning with a post hanging from the tail skid. I took this and several other pictures from a vacant second-floor office in the terminal building seen above in the Hacienda DC-3 picturemy secret shooting spot.

Two Western DC-6Bs appear simultaneously, which was not the norm; one was probably operating behind schedule. N, in the foreground, was the th DC-6 built. A closer view of the second DC-6B, N At the same gate, on August 20,I snapped this picture of Art Linkletter and two of his daughters.

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Linkletter lived much of his life in the San Diego area. An aircraft carrier is visible in the left background, anchored across the bay at North Island. It was just about dark but still light enough to shoot with no flash. Note the coin-operated telescope at the gate!

A rare sight was two Bonanza airplanes at SAN simultaneously, and in this case two types. A single DC-3 service was retained to serve Oceanside until Bonanza became the first all jet-powered airline in America and discontinued service there.

This old General Dynamics photo shows the prototype gliding over the fence for landing. Look at the people lined up along the gates and on top of adjacent buildings to witness the event.

Perhaps it is its first return to Lindbergh Field. Regardless, we get a nice view of the terminal building from the front side. Just by chance I was at the airport on August 10,to witness the first flight of NE, third in the flight-test program.

Second to fly, on March 31,its engine nacelles were left in bare metal. NH was serviced by American, albeit with a set of United steps. This is one of my favorite shots.With its great weather, miles of sandy beaches, and major attractions, San Diego is known worldwide as one of the best tourist destinations and a great place for residents to relax year round.

Conveniently located one block from Union Square near the Westin St.

daily business report san diego

Francis, Daily Grill is a moderately priced steakhouse that features classic American dishes made from scratch. The San Diego Source | The Daily Transcript is San Diego's only information company offering business news, data and resources daily and hourly.

San Diego Through the Years. When my family migrated west in , San Diego’s Lindbergh Field replaced Chicago-Midway and O’Hare as my airport domicile, providing new shooting opportunities: Bonanza Air Lines, PSA and Western Air Lines, along with more familiar carriers.

About the Port. The Port of San Diego serves the people of California as a specially created district, balancing multiple uses on 34 miles along San Diego Bay spanning five cities.

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