Encore 2 write accessories

Precurvecould you, please, test the pen for jitter on slowly drawn lines? All tests done after 2 Starbucks coffees. Some jitter may be operator error! Images shown are full sized.

Encore 2 write accessories

Review Toshiba isn't new to the Windows 8 tablet market -- the company debuted the 8-inch Encore late last year -- but the Encore 2 is the company's first inch model.

This svelte slate sports a quad-core Intel Atom processor, Windows 8. Encore 2 write accessories the lowest price yet we've seen for a Windows tablet this size. Should the Encore 2 be your first choice? On the front, a glossy silver bezel frames the A tiny chrome Toshiba logo is located at the bottom left corner.

The rear panel features a Satin gold matte finish that's nicely resistant to fingerprint smudges. A 5-megapixel camera is located at the top right corner, with an embossed Toshiba logo at the bottom left.

The speakers are positioned on each side of the tablet, along with a 3. The power button and volume rocker can be found on the top edge.

Which Should You Buy? Oddly, Toshiba also placed the Start button on the top edge, rather than beneath the display as we've seen on most Windows tablets. Unfortunately, the button's tiny size and odd placement made it inconvenient to use.

Heat Unfortunately, the Encore 2 runs hot during heavy use. After streaming video on Hulu for 15 minutes at full screen, the front of the tablet averaged degrees Fahrenheit and the rear panel degrees. We consider anything above 95 degrees uncomfortable.

Display The Encore 2's When we watched a high-definition trailer for "Transformers: Age of Extinction," the robots' armor looked rich and vibrant, and the details appeared suitably crisp. The picture didn't degrade even when we rotated the tablet about 30 degrees both horizontally and vertically.

encore 2 write accessories

When we measured the brightness with our light meter, the Encore 2 averaged lux nits. This outshines the Transformer Book T lux and the category average luxthough it's dimmer than the Aspire Switch 10 lux and the Iconia W4 lux. When we took the tablet outside, we had trouble viewing it in direct sunlight, even with the brightness at percent.

According to our colorimeter, the Encore 2 is only capable of displaying This is slightly more than the Aspire Switch 10, which can display A value closer to or above percent is better.

The tablet fared much worse on the Delta-E benchmark, which measures color accuracy. The Encore 2 registered a rating of A Delta-E score of 0 reflects perfect color accuracy. Tech Support Showdown Rating The multitouch display responded quickly and accurately to our input.

We had no problem, for example, executing gestures such as scrolling, pinch-to-zoom and edge swiping. Audio The twin speakers on the Encore 2 delivered fairly loud and clear sound, but audio at the low end is extremely weak.

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When we listened to Alice in Chains' "Would," the treble drowned out the moody bass line. Even at maximum volume, however, the guitar and vocals didn't suffer from tininess. The Dolby Digital Plus audio suite features presets for movies, music, games and voice, as well as custom presets.

You can also enable a surround virtualizer, volume leveler and graphic equalizer. However, unlike more robust audio software, the program doesn't let you fine-tune individual settings like the bass. On the Laptop Audio Test, in which we measure the volume of a single tone from a distance of 23 inches, the Encore 2 registered 83 decibels.

Interface and Software The Encore 2 ships with Windows 8. The update features a number of upgrades to the Windows 8 interface, including the ability to close tile applications without swiping down, show all apps when opening the Start menu and to go straight to the desktop when you sign in.

The tablet also ships with a one-year subscription to Microsoft Officegiving you access to Word, Excel and other Office applications.

The only Toshiba-branded programs are Service Station, which lets you find and install software updates, and Function Key, which allows you to enable special functions for specific keys when the tablet is paired with the keyboard.

Using the Function Key application, you can also reverse the function keys on the keyboard, which allows you to use the function keys without needing to hold down the Fn key.

There's also Fresh Paint, an art application that lets you select from a variety of brush types, colors and other settings. TruCapture is an application designed to improve the readability of text in pictures captured with the camera.Toshiba Encore Mini Quick view.

Screen Size. 8" The Toshiba Encore 2 Write (8-inch)'s screen size is 8 inches with x pixels resolution. Accessories Included Sorry. We didn't find any good Toshiba Encore 2 Write (8-inch) videos yet.

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The Encore 2 Write was made for drawing, writing, and taking notes and includes a multi-touch screen with innovative sensor technology that supports sharp pen strokes so you can write . The Toshiba Encore 2 Write will arrive in 8-inch or inch screen versions, and both will be taking advantage of an Intel Atom Z quad-core processor living under the bonnet.

Accessories. Accessories. B-light Tonneau Lighting System. e-light Truck Bed Light. Tonno Tonic. Cargo Cleats. MaxSeal Tailgate Seal. About Us. Low profile design allowing 1" thick panels to sit only 1/2" above the bed for a sleek look ; EnCore self latching design .

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