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Athenian military commander, statesman, and one of the main architects of the Athenian Empire. Museum of Ostia Italy Themistocles was born in a village named Phrearrhioi as the son of a man named Neocles. His mother was a non- Athenian from Thrace or Caria. In Antiquity, it was widely believed that great statesmen already showed their qualities when they were still young.

Essay on themistocles

Themistocles Essay Themistocles Essay Themistocles was a great Athenian statesman and general who played an important role in the Second Persian War by leading the Greeks to victory.

Born to an Athenian father, Neocles, and what seems to have been a foreign mother, Themistocles demonstrated great potential from an early age. He is said to have spent his leisure time in youth composing and performing mock speeches, unlike other children who remained idle or engaged in play.

An early teacher of Themistocles told him the following: Themistocles also fought the Persians at the Battle of Marathon, and while most Athenians were convinced that the victory at Marathon would keep the Persians at bay, he believed otherwise.

Themistocles successfully persuaded the Athenians to increase their naval fleet by building more than ships with the silver that was mined at Laurium, despite the many arguments against the idea and the desired alternative of distributing the wealth.

His effectiveness was due to the fact that he played on popular Athenian fears of Aegina, a traditional enemy; however, Themistocles himself was undoubtedly preparing for the next encounter with Persia. Additionally, Themistocles persuaded his fellow citizens to believe in his interpretation of a prophecy given by the priestess at the Delphic oracle.

It spoke of a wooden wall and great destruction at Salamis. While others felt that the allusion to a wooden wall meant the Athenians should hide behind the wall of the Acropolis, Themistocles convinced them that the wooden walls represented the naval fleet and that the Athenians were destined to win the battle at Salamis against Xerxes.

Sure enough, in b. Themistocles managed to bring many of the Greek city-states together to fight on behalf of a common goal and against a common enemy, despite their recurring internal animosities. Despite being outnumbered by nearly twice as many Persian ships, the Greeks fought valiantly and came out victorious in the end.

The judgment and timing of Themistocles was instrumental as he crowded the large Persian fleet in the strait and used the winds as well as the maneuverability of the smaller Greek triremes to ram and sink more than enemy ships while only losing roughly 40 of his own. The Persians eventually retreated, and not only was Greece saved, but so too was Western civilization.

The initial respect and praise that Themistocles was showered with quickly came to an end. Themistocles was ostracized by his political opponents and forced to live in Argos for a number of years. He was later summoned back to his native city due to criminal charges of treason, which were likely fabricated by his rivals in Athens.

Convinced of certain failure against such powerful adversaries and trumped-up charges, he went into self-imposed exile.

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Ironically, he eventually ended up in Persia. Themistocles managed to convince the Persian king that he arrived voluntarily as an ally and that it was because of his decision making that the Hellenes had not pursued and destroyed more retreating Persian ships at Salamis.

He took up residence in Magnesia, one city of three in Asia Minor that he was additionally rewarded with. However, around b. Instead of tarnishing and undermining his earlier reputation and the deeds done on behalf of his homeland, he is said to have called a banquet with friends at his home in Magnesia whereupon he poisoned himself.

In any case the life and story of Themistocles remains a legendary and heroic one that continues to serve as an example of how a single man as both statesman and general can have a significant impact on a political community and important historical events.

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Free Essay: The responsibility for the Punic wars greatly shifts from one to the next as both Rome and Carthage were Superpowers in their own right and it. Below is an essay on "The Contribution of Themistocles to Greek Victory in the Second Persian Wars" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Essay on themistocles

To what extent was Themistocles’ contribution a key factor in bringing about a Greek victory in the Persian Wars ( BC)/5(1). Below is an essay on "Themistocles" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Themistocles played an essential role in the Persian wars and was a key factor to Greek victory in these wars.

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