Ethical issues in operations management commerce essay

Operations Management and Ethical Issue By: Operations management is a dynamic field and presents exciting new issues and challenges for operations managers. For example, Maura Sprenger, human resources director at Techno Inc.

Ethical issues in operations management commerce essay

Ethical issues in operations management commerce essay

Another key element in making the right decisions is instilling professionalism in self and in the organization. This study will show how becoming a role model as a manager is an attainable aspect by describing the current moral and ethical issues faced by most managers.

The relationship between social issues and ethically responsible management is an additional practice in which managers must pursue. With the help of training, leadership, and certain fair practices, managers can be respected and looked up to by their peers and employees.

Ethical business leaders make every effort for fairness and justice within the boundaries of sound management practices. We will write a custom essay sample on Ethical Issues in Management Order now More Essay Examples on Using the process of ethical analysis, an individual will be given the ability to analyze a situation.

With this process an individual can identify the stakeholders or employees, the decisions which can be reasonably taken, the consequences of the decision, and the facts.

Additionally, the process allows an individual to define the dilemma or conflict, although, in most cases a dilemma possesses two opposed courses of action, which both burden meaningful values. According to Haynesthey explain that another good way to promote ethics within an organization is to ensure each employee goes through the proper training.

Most managers and supervisors can accept comfort in the thought that most actions taken by an employee can be considered ethical by the public as long as it follows the standards set forth: Act in a way you would want others to act toward you.

Act in a way in which results in the greatest good.

Ethical issues in operations management commerce essay

Act in such a way that the action taken under the circumstances could be a universal law, or rule, of behavior. Take actions that would be viewed as proper by a panel of professional peers. Ask whether the proposed action or decision is legal.

Established laws are generally considered minimum standards for ethics. Is the decision truthful? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? On most levels, corporate social responsibility is the right to take action in the protection and improvement of the welfare belonging to society as a whole along with organizational interests.

The concept of corporate social responsibility rests within the manager to strive to attain both organizational and societal goals. Sethi states, that three management approaches to meeting social obligations exist.

The first approach is the social obligation approach which considers business as possessing economic purposes and holds social responsibility mostly to conform to existing laws. The second approach is the social responsibility approach which views business as possessing both societal and economic goals.

A role model is an individual you look up to and have a high level of respect for. My roommate and best friend in the Marine Corps, worked in administration, like I did. A Captain had just recently been divorced and when married, the pay is much higher. The Captain was supposed to have signed forms on his divorce so that his pay would be adjusted, otherwise, if signed months later his pay would have to be adjusted back to the date causing him to have basically no paychecks for a short time.Ethical Issues and Operations Ethical behavior is a corporate issue that affects the company’s bottom line.

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How do ethical issues impact organizations and operations? Include an example seen in the workplace, in the . Operations Management & Nursing Ethics A 3 page research paper that discusses ethical decision making in operations management as it applies to nursing case management. A specific case study is presented and discussed.

Read this essay on Ethics, Social and Political Issues in Ecommerce. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Operations management is in regard to all operations within the organization.

Related activities include managing purchases, inventory control, quality control, storage, logistics and evaluations. Related activities include managing purchases, inventory control, .

Ethical and Social Issues () explains, when describing business, ethics is defined as, the ability to reflect on key values along with a company’s decision-making process, to decide how values and decisions affect the stakeholder groups, and to ascertain how managers can use these teachings in everyday organizational operations.

Businesses face this challenge through their own corporate social responsibility. In this review, the literature regarding the ethical issues in operations management is explored.

Articles wrote by authors who focused on the topic of ethics in .

The Ethical Issue that Face Operations Management | Essay Example