Planned trip to europe essay

Elementary Travel Information for Europe.

Planned trip to europe essay

My mom and dad decided to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. We went on one of the Carnival cruise ships. This boat was the biggest boats I ever saw.

When we rushed to get on the cruise ship I saw that there were so many rooms and shops. My favorite room was the Game room, when I entered the game room there were so many games and seemed like there were hundreds and hundreds of them.

I started to get bored so I left. When I went to back to our room my dad was thinking about going scuba diving. The following morning my dad planned to go scuba diving when all the tourist went to go sight seeing on the island.

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We went to the scuba shop and rented all the gear. When the boat came I put on all the gear. For example, the air tanks, goggles, and the regulator.

When we got on the boat we had to sit on the edge, so we could flip over the side.

Planned trip to europe essay

Finally, the boat stopped and I could barely see the islands. The captain said not to go past the big cones. I was pretty scared because the water was so deep, but I finally jumped off.

Scuba diving was scary so all I did was follow my dad. I finally stop being afraid and looked at all the colors that were weird and unusual. The colors were hot orange and dark red. My favorite coral was the one with the hair on it. It was pretty cool because fish would enter, but would not leave because the coral would eat them!

The fish I saw was cool and the only fish I knew was the Angel fish. I knew this fish because of all the colors it had.

The other fish were big and had the biggest teeth I ever saw, but I didn't know what they were called. The fish I liked the most were the ones swimming around my feet.

They were striped orange and white. My dad and I only stayed under the water for 30 minutes. Scuba diving was pretty hard because you had to move your feet all the time.

When we went back to our rooms I was cold because of our scuba trip. When we were back on the cruise ship I asked my dad id I could go scuba diving again and he said maybe.Our Switzerland trip in April-May from India Hello Guys, Before starting, I would like to thank myswissalps team and members because of whom our trip was possible as this was our (me and my wife) FIRST International Trip from India.

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Planned trip to europe essay

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(This is also why a. A planned community, planned city or planned town, is any community that was carefully planned from its inception and is typically constructed on previously undeveloped land. This contrasts with settlements that evolve in a more ad hoc fashion.

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