Sample research proposal on auditing

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Sample research proposal on auditing

Recent statistics indicate that all types of industries: The cost of fraud to business in recent years was six percent of annual revenue. Everyone is victimized by high product costs and lower corporate profits.

When fraud is detected within a business or organisation, there is usually shock and disbelief that a trusted employee who resembles the "person next door" could have done what they are accused of. In many organizations the administrative cost are increasing from year to year.

In many cases this is due to improper effective internal control system and regulations of organization. Among other reasons effective controls in many organizations have to consider the cost reductions in attain organization goals.

The survival of the organization will depend on the development of the organization responsibility for ensuring effective internal control over organization expenditure. Since the economy both national and worldwide consist of customers, employees and investors then the proper effective internal control.

System of financial, administrative and stores contribute both to individual well being of the entire population. Johnston K M, 1. The features of an effective prevention and detection of fraud can be derived from all organizational departments or sections of operations. Basically the fraud prevention program is concerned with paying pecuniary attention on the following: Regular fraud substantive audits, Established fraud policies, Willingness to punish.

Many organizations have exercised severe punishment to same of the employed, but this is not the only fraud cutting avenue Navran, 1 1.

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The main objective of this study is to find out the solution of controlling fraud since it seems to be a critical problem in many organisations including the government. Specifically the following are objective of the study; -To identify different types of fraud.

Data collection table matrix Research objective.CLASSIFICATION OF RESEARCH:Goals of Exploratory Research Research Methods Formal Sciences Statistics Business.

Research Proposal on Auditing October 21, UsefulResearchPapers Research Proposals 0 Auditing is the procedure of the independent check of an organization, the system of its work, the quality and quantity of its production. Your involvement in peer review makes quality accounting, auditing and attestation services possible.

Sample research proposal on auditing

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1. Introduction. Auditing is valued for its ability to provide independent assurance of the credibility of accounting information, which improves resource allocation and contracting efficiency.

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