Shag the movie

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Shag the movie

Printer Friendly One of the few movies released during summer that I never got around to seeing, and a DVD that's commanded rather high prices since going out of print, has now found its way onto Blu-Ray courtesy of Olive Films.

Set during the summer of which strangely enough was more recent during this movie's theatrical release than is from now!

Shag the movie

Rich girl Luanne's Page Hannah senator father owns a second house in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina that is hardly used so she Shag the movie a getaway for her recent high school grad friends Carson Phoebe CatesMelania Bridget Fonda and Pudge Annabeth Gishnamed as such because she was the fat girl in school but has lost weight since then.

With their families all being prim-and-proper Southerners, the girls tell their parents that they're going on an historic tour of Fort Sumter rather than a wild getaway by the beach. This is their way of putting their high school days to rest before taking on more responsibility, with most going to college and Carson set to marry her boyfriend Harley Tyrone Power Jr.

The other girls also get quite acquainted with the Myrtle Beach townsfolk, with Pudge meeting the equally awkward Chip Scott Coffey and Melania Shag the movie onto visiting celebrity Jimmy Valentine Jeff Yagher who is in town to judge the Sun Queen contest- Melania hopes that he'll help her chances of winning.

The big contest and the climax of the film is the Shag dance competition hence the title. Like most movies of this type it's rather predictable and is played towards those who lived through the time period, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The female leads speak in reasonably convincing southern accents although much of their dialogue is a bit hard to understand and play the time period humorously without getting campy- the story nods to this being the end of a more innocent era that would soon give way to "free love" by the end of that decade.

Plenty of moderate hits and lesser-known songs of the era are featured on the soundtrack; this movie has a history of music changes due to copyright clearance issues on its previous video editions and I'm not sure how true to the original this Blu-Ray disc is but nothing seems out of place.

While the production makes most scenes look authentic to the time period, I couldn't help notice a few more modern items slip into a few shots- such as an 80s-model Pepsi vending machine. The hi-def transfer from MGM is very clean, with what looks like a slight intentional soft focus.

Aspect ratio is in proper 1.

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The matrixed Dolby Stereo mix is preserved in 2-channel DTS Master Audio and is also very clean, possible music replacements notwithstanding. While the use of stereo is a bit inconsistent some crowd scenes keep all the sound in the center channelthe moments featuring music highlight it quite well- one song performed by the live band has the vocals echoing in the rears, and there's a nice surprise early on when the horn of an oncoming truck is heard from the rear as well.

Hearing-impaired subtitles are included, helpful in decoding some of that southern-accented dialogue. If you're the sort of person who buys discs and then waits years before actually watching them, you might want to at least inspect this part to make sure it's OK.

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A minor release in a summer of many majors, Shag was largely overlooked but has since become a favorite on video. It's nice to have this on Blu-Ray looking and sounding better than it probably has before, even better than some of the theaters that originally showed it.

Jesse Skeen is a life-long obsessive media collector with an unhealthy preoccupation with obsolete and failed formats and former theater film projectionist. He enjoys watching movies and strives for presenting them perfectly, but lacks the talent to make his own.Watch Shag movie trailers, exclusive videos, interviews from the cast, movie clips and more at (The lousy title must have had something to do with the movie's initial failure, a problem worsened by the film being marketed as Shag: The Movie, a truly dumb idea.) Shag is in the tradition of Spring Break pictures, a thoroughly formulaic stroll through the conventions of the minigenre: beachside romance, a wild party, one tender deflowering Reviews: Watch video Having a shag on Redtube, home of free porn videos and sex movies online.

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Shag: The Movie Soundtrack album for sale by Shag was released Aug 08, on the Sire label. The big contest and the climax of the film is the Shag dance competition (hence the title). Like most movies of this type it's rather predictable and is played towards those who lived through the time period, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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