Str 581 ethics reflection paper

STR Week 4 Kudler Fine Foods Strategy Write a paper of no more than 1,words that evaluates alternatives your organization must consider to realize growth. Format your paper according to APA standards. The link to the Kudler Fine Foods organization may be found on the student Web site. Write a draft of the strategic plan for Kudler to include the following:

Str 581 ethics reflection paper

Ethics Reflection Paper Abstract In this ethics reflection paper, I concentrate on four important issues: First of all, among the four major ethical models, utilitarianism favors me a lot and it helps me a lot when I face an ethical dilemma and need to make a decision.

In the second part, I write about how my personal ethics and values were formed and shaped. There are three major influence exerted on my ethics: In the next part, I describe one of the dilemmas that I have ever Str 581 ethics reflection paper and how utilitarianism helped me make a good decision.

In the last part, I focus my attention on corporate social responsibility. At last, I show my opinion that corporate social responsibility is very important for a company. Ethical Models Ethics, a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality, have invariably played an important part in our lives, especially when we are going to make a decision.

This theory treats people impartially and fairly based on legal rules. Strength of theory of justice is that it can motivate and urge people to help those in need.

However, one criticism of theory of justice indicates that it treats equality as an absolute, disregarding the costs producing equality. Moral Rights The theory of moral rights focuses on the respect and production of each individual member of society and his or her fundamental rights.

One of the strength of moral rights is that it makes it accessible to protecting fundamental rights, unless some great right takes precedence. Cultural Relativism Cultural relativism is the principle that ethical behavior must invariably be interpreted in cultural context.

Universalism claims that ethical standards are absolute, which has the opposite meaning to the cultural relativism. Utilitarianism Utilitarianism claims that decision makers should maximize utility for society as a whole. This means that a person should consider the benefits and costs resulted from his or her actions to the whole society.

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Journal Reflection Developing the cognitive side of character through reading, research, writing, and discussion Key Ideas:

Only if the benefits of the action outweigh the costs of the action, can a utilitarian act. Utilitarianism requires that people consider not only the influence of their action on themselves, their families, and their friends, but also the influence on the whole society.

Among these ethical models, personally, I favor utilitarianism a lot. The most important reason is that utilitarianism cares about the consequences brought by the actions on everyone in the society. We people should take the responsibility of the whole society. Actually, sometimes it is difficult to make a decision, especially when we face an ethical dilemma.

A utilitarian will concentrate on analyzing the conditions and other factors before they make a decision.

Str 581 ethics reflection paper

As a utilitarian, I can make good decisions which will benefit both me and the whole society, forming a win-win situation.

Personal Ethics and Values My personal ethics and values are very easy to understand. When I am to make a decision, I will never only depend on intuition.

I would ask myself the following questions: Is my decision legal or not? Does it comply with my values? If I do it, will I feel bad? Could my decision at last benefit the society? Could I tell my parents about my final decision? I am willing to sacrifice something for the privilege of benefiting both me and the whole society.

I will keep asking and thinking seriously and critically until I get the answer. My families influence my personal ethics a lot.

Although my families cannot decide my personal ethics, they have instilled a strong sense of right and wrong in me since I was a child. What my parents behave exerts a strong impact on me.

My mother is too strict to tolerate any of my actions of cheating, especially the cheating in the exam. She taught me that cheating in the exam can not only make it lose its function of testing my knowledge, but also lose the reputation of my teachers and my school.Com The learning of the individual assignment have been directly linked to instances of STR Week 6 Capstone Final Examination Part 3 to workplace as well as understanding the real world product to which the client is familiar.

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